DevOps Engineer

Job description

At Tropos, we are hiring a DevOps engineer with 2-5 years of hands-on experience in building and operating full-stack applications using public cloud.

You’ll contribute to modern analytics projects that make a difference for our customers.

You’ll be working with tools, practices and standards coming from the global innovators and apply them to the early adopters and early majority in Belgium. Because of our ways of working, we only use current technologies such as Snowflake and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help our clients drive more value out of their data. You’ll get early access to private previews and roadmaps with our technology partners.

Within your team,

  • You’ll build and improve end-to-end data platforms based on cloud native components to tackle our clients challenges
  • You’ll design and manage identity and access control mechanisms to safeguard our clients data.
  • You’ll design and manage container platforms using cloud native services.
  • You’ll design and build integration and deployment pipelines (ci/cd).
  • You’ll ensure cybersecurity is well taken care of by design.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to define and extend the solution scope depending on your background and interests.
  • You’ll design and implement reusable components and extend our IP library, together with a solutions architect.
  • You’ll communicate with customers and colleagues during project meetings, stand-ups and workshops

Job requirements

You as a person

  • You’ve got an entrepreneurial attitude, a no-nonsense mentality , keep high quality standards and think customer first;
  • You take pride in owning and contributing to problem solving;
  • You’re passionate to work with best-of-breed technology;
  • You like to keep solutions simple and focused;
  • You have a customer-first mindset;
  • You speak English and Dutch fluently, French is a plus;
  • Being able to work autonomous and take ownership;
  • Proven success in contributing to a team-oriented environment;
  • Excellent leadership, communication (written and oral) and interpersonal skills;

Minimum qualifications

  • Bachelor or Master Degree in the field of Informatics, Business Economics, Civil Engineering or Information Management;
  • You’re advanced in designing and configuring processes in any relevant ci/cd platform (CircleCI, Concord, Github Actions, ..);
  • You know how to work with Linux;
  • You understand Git versioning and are experienced using one of the major workflows (e.g. Gitflow);
  • You know how to configure infrastructure as code using languages such as Terraform or Cloudformation;

Preferred qualifications

  • You know how to use scipting languages for systems automation;
  • You’re familiar with identity protocols such as SAML2.0, oAuth2, …
  • You’re familiar with higher level cloud principles such as Shared Responsibility Model;